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Impresszum - Become an Affiliate

Becoming affiliates is an easy way to attract your website to other visitors. We welcome those who want to be partners with us, so if you want your website to be represented on our pages, just send an email to gtaplace {at} gtaplace {dot} hu with the name and URL of your website and a link to your 88 × 31 pixel sized badge.

Please note, that your website should meet the following requirements:

  • your site must be fully completed, containing original content.
  • it must not contain sexual or pornographic elements and bulk advertising.
  • it must not contain stolen content or illegal activities such as infringement of copyright.
  • no racism or racial discrimination allowed.
  • its content must refer to Rockstar Games or any of their video game series, such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, etc. Other videogame-oriented sites, however, are also acceptable.
  • a link to our website must be shown somewhere on your site's front page.
  • your website could be in any language!

What we offer

GTAPlace is amongst the best Grand Theft Auto oriented websites in Hungary. We believe in high standards, therefore we do our best to provide high-quality content to our visitors. We deliver the latest news and information on the Grand Theft Auto series and Rockstar Games, being up-to-date every day.

Your button will be placed in the right menu, which is seen everywhere on the site, apart from our forums.


You may select from multiple sized buttons. Choose the one that suits best your site!

189 × 48 pixels

120 × 50 pixels

88 × 31 pixels

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